Friday, November 25, 2005

Buses back on George Street

It seems as though there is at last going to be some buses using
George Street again, through the reversal of the Central Edinburgh
Traffic Management Scheme (.

See web site.

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One interesting thing that I noticed on the Wikipedia is that there is the predicted release of the Aqua version of for

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sourceforge Updated

Sourceforge has a newly updated interface. It looks a lot cleaner and
easier to user. At the moment it seems a little slow at times.
Letterdoc project

Friday, November 11, 2005

Upcoming Lothian Buses changes

Some more changes to the local buses.

It's strange that they are making the 20 circular considering that in July 2003 the took away the last of the circular routes, I wonder what caused their change in mind.

The 35 is being extended to the Airport again, yet they don't seem to be putting it into the Gyle Centre. There is demand for this. One example being two weeks after Lothian Buses took it away the last time a couple came up to me, while waiting at the Gyle to ask which bus went directly to the Gyle.

The 36 is being extended to the Scottish Parliament, I wonder what frequency it is going to be! The last time they had a bus doing a similar route, it was every half hour. So infrequent that you could walk o your connection by the time the bus would turn up if had missed it.

The number 30 has finally been increased to every 10 minutes. I knew it would eventually get increased to this frequency, ever since they took the other services away from Fort Kinnaird.

The 29 is going to have more journeys to Gorebridge in the evening. Will they be going into Tesco Hardengreen?

Evening and Sunday journeys to ASDA the Jewel using the 49 are all very well, but it takes longer than walking there directly from South Edinburgh.

So it seems as though they are not going to extend the 18 from the Royal Infirmary to Fort Kinnaird and ASDA the Jewel. It worries me when they don't say what the changes are explicitly and just say "revised timetable" or "minor timetable changes" as in the past this has meant that there was a decrease in frequency.

Police Force Bans Smoke in Grounds

It's great to see someone doing the right thing. Hopefully the same
will be done else where.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dictionary Definition for any word

I've finally found out how to get the dictionary definition for any
word on the page. You use the keyboard short cut control+cmd+D.

Thanks to this page