Friday, May 27, 2005

RSS feed now works

I've done a bit of poking around with the settings in Blogger, and you can now access the RSS feed of my blog, from various applications. I have tested it in Safari RSS, that comes with Tiger.

South Local Development Committee Don't mention petition in minutes

for the minutes of the meeting that the petition to get the 18 increased in frequency, increased hours and extended to Fort Kinnaird was handed in.

It does not mention anywhere that a petition had been handed in!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Tiger: PSyncX: Fix

If you had PSyncX installed prior to installing Tiger and you did anything other than a clean install then you will need to re-install PSyncX. Thereafter it will work perfectly again!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Mac OS X Tiger: Spotlight: Man Importer

There is actually a useful Spotlight plugin on Apple's Spotlight page!

Unfortunately Spotlight won't index hidden folders or files, which means that you need a copy of the man pages elsewhere, what a waste of space, but never mind.

That script is all very well. But if you buy things from the same place regularly then you will have a number of PDFs with very similar names.

You can add an extra step before it to rename the PDF. Do a search for "rename" you should get an option to rename finder items. Drag that step before the current one to create a new folder.

You will then need to customise it.

By default it will append the current date to the end of the file name, but before the file extension.

You can use this for other things that you save regularly too.

Dash Blog

Just found the Dash Blog dashboard widget. Might make me blog a bit more.